In-unit laundry is a smart investment. And now, with advances in laundry technology, you can reap the many financial and operational payoffs of in-unit laundry without the tradeoffs. For example, you can add in-unit laundry to an older building without expensive retrofitting.

Benefits of in-unit laundry with ventless and combo appliances:

  • Increase Net Operating Income
  • Reduce turnover
  • Avoid vent construction costs, maintenance and hazards
  • Avoid ADA compliance issues and expenses
  • Increase rent $50-100 / month per unit
  • Increase resale value $5,000-10,000 per unit

Ventless Dryers and High-Efficiency Washers

  • Modern ventless dryers perform just as well as vented dryers
  • Stackable units available
  • No make-up air needed – simplify your mechanical systems and save thousands in HVAC costs
  • No vent cleaning, bird nests, leaks, mold, fan repairs or fire hazards
  • No need to design around the chases, finish work or fire codes –reduce your construction costs and complexity

Combo / All-in-One Washer-Dryers

  • Automatically washes and dries in a single operation
  • No make-up air needed
  • Low additional load (15AMP/110 volt)

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