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Apartment Appliances that Add Value

With the right appliances, you can command higher rents for apartments or condos, increase occupancy and retention rates, and boost property value.

Value-Add In-Unit Laundry

Studies show that you can increase annual rents by $500-1,200 per unit by adding in-unit laundry. Combo, ventless and stackable units available.

Next-Gen Ventless Dryers

The new generation of ventless dryers delivers performance without the need for venting and air replacement, adding value to your property, not expenses.


Attractive Stainless Kitchens

Invest in your rental property with attractive stainless-steel-clad kitchen sets, you’ll instantly increase property value and attract quality renters.

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We’ve been a trusted ventless-laundry specialist and reliable source for wholesale appliances for over 15 years.