Ventless Laundry

Next-Gen Ventless Laundry

The new generation of ventless laundry delivers performance without the need for expensive venting and air replacement.

Like all technology, ventless dryers have evolved in the past ten years and we know that if more property managers understood the characteristics of these innovative machines, many more residential developments would feature them. Price, easy installation and eco-friendliness are just a few of the many benefits that dramatically cut costs for both property managers and residents.

Ventless or ductless dryers are extremely popular in Europe and Asia. There are different ways to perform ventless drying, but essentially a ventless dryer removes moisture from the hot wet air by a form of condensation. The hot air is then recycled back into the drum to gather more moisture before it is condensed once again. This cycle repeats itself until the clothes are dry.

Because the ventless laundry appliances operate at a lower temperature than conventional units, they are gentler on clothes. Items that are typically line-dried can often be dried in ventless dryers instead. Lower drying temperatures save energy and can decrease monthly electric bills.

The environmental profile of ventless dryers is very friendly, which is important in today’s rental market. Ventless dryers are highly efficient because, unlike conventional dryers, they recycle the heat they create.

Advantages of ventless dryers

  • The new generation of ventless dryers offers the performance of traditional laundry without the need for external vents or high-capacity plumbing
  • Space and connectivity flexibility makes your design and construction projects easier, more efficient, and more profitable
  • Ventless dryers and front-loading washers are highly energy-efficient and water-efficient, so they align with green-minded communities and target audiences and are often eligible for Department of Energy rebates
  • With stackable and combo options, even small apartments can be outfitted with in-unit laundry, increasing rents by $50-100 per month per unit

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