Multi-Family Housing

Apartment Appliances that Add Value

With the right appliances, you can command higher rents in multi-family units, increase occupancy and retention rates, and increase the value of your rental property.

Want to increase resident retention, rental property value and marketability? Two suggestions: Add in-unit laundry and choose stainless steel kitchen appliances.

Next to location, in-unit laundry is the most-desired feature in apartments today. Ask any leasing agent how many prospects hang up when told they would have to use shared laundry facilities.

Apartments with in-unit laundry command higher rents ($50-$100+) with lower turnover than comparable apartments with shared laundry.

In-unit laundry also:

  • increases rent roles
  • attracts quality clientele
  • significantly increases property value

No Need for External Venting or High-Capacity Plumbing

FJS Distributors, Inc. is your leading factory-authorized distributor of LG, Bosch, Miele, Whirlpool and Electrolux ventless laundry and stainless steel kitchen appliances. We specialize in energy-efficient ventless laundry solutions that require no outdoor/external venting and no high-capacity plumbing.

Our appliances make it feasible for nearly any building to allow in-unit laundry without creating plumbing or electrical problems. Installing these laundry appliances is a value-add project that saves water, energy, construction and maintenance costs.

Our products are perfect solutions for those looking to install in-unit laundry or new kitchens for multi-family properties, new construction, or historic building rehab projects.

ADA Compliance, Simplified

Under the Fair Housing Act of 1988, public and common use areas of buildings containing multi-family dwellings, such as the laundry room, must be accessible. This means individuals with physical disabilities must be able to approach, enter, and utilize the public or common use areas of the building. Few central laundry rooms meet this requirement.

You can save the enormous cost of making a central laundry room compliant by installing washer/dryers in individual residences, giving residents with disabilities full access to laundry facilities. Front-loading machines can be very easily loaded, unloaded, and controlled from a wheelchair. Most machines can be installed on elevated pedestals to make loading and unloading easier. Clothes are loaded and removed when dry, when they are lighter and easier to handle. The combo machines ability to go directly from washing to drying eliminates the extra trip from the washer to the dryer.

This “reasonable accommodation” ensures ADA compliance, creates happier residents and saves you the possible aggravation and expenses of a lawsuit.