Stovetop Firestop LowPro

Introducing Stovetop Firestop LowPro® - The Industry’s Best Kitchen Fire Suppression System

Every year, the National Fire Protection Agency reports nearly 100,000 kitchen fires in the United States lead to injury, death and over $700 million in property damage in multi-family housing complexes alone. It’s time for a change. It’s time to stop kitchen fires before they get out of control.

Stovetop Firestop LowPro® is a Game-Changing Kitchen Fire Suppression System that Saves Lives.

In the critical moments when a resident hesitates to think “what should I do?” a Stovetop Firestop LowPro® unit deploys automatically, stopping a fire before it escalates into a dangerous, life-threatening problem.

How It Works – Fast Kitchen Fire Suppression Technology

LowPro devices use heavy-duty magnets for easy installation under microwaves or on lower vent hoods. Each device covers a front and back burner and comes equipped with a short wick. In the event of a stovetop fire, a wick will ignite within seconds to deploy the LowPro automatically. The LowPro swings open to release a dry, non-toxic powder that suppresses flames quickly and efficiently. It’s as simple as that.

Sleek Design

LowPro did their research to solve a common concern in the multi-family industry when it comes to kitchen fire. They created a product that looks great while saving lives. Because the device is only 1” thick, it fits snugly below the microwave or vent hood and will not impede the stovetop cooking area and stay out of the way.

Easy Installation

With its industrial-strength magnets, LowPro devices can be installed in seconds. Just wipe the surface clean of debris or grease and attach the LowPro. Each device covers two burners, so four-burner stove tops will require two LowPros.

Increased Safety

LowPro devices stop kitchen fires before they can cause property damage or risk resident’s lives. This patented product increases safety in multi-family housing developments while decreasing risk – often leading to lower overall insurance costs.

Insurance Savings

When LowPro devices are installed in multi-family housing units, owners can save up to 20% in insurance premiums with the decreased fire risk that LowPro provides.

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