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The Internet of Things connects our world, making it easier than ever before to access and use everyday items around the home or office. Every year, more everyday appliances are hitting the market with smart technology. Between refrigerators, TVs, vacuums, doorbells and more, your home works for you. Washers and dryers have recently been added to the list of smart appliances. You may be thinking: Do I really need to access my laundry from my phone? Everyone has to answer that question for themselves, but we can certainly see the benefit of instant, easy access to laundry appliances.

The newest ventless dryers, like the LG 2.3 cubic-foot Compact All-In-One Washer/Dryer, come standard with wifi-enabled – so you can do your laundry from just about anywhere. Some of the new features include:

Voice Commands
When your washer and dryer are connected to a home maintenance app, starting the cycle is as easy as saying “Alexa, start the laundry.” Never again will you have to stop what you’re doing to start the laundry.

Monitor Loads from Anywhere
Ever wish you could get the laundry going before you got home? Smart washers and dryers can be started at any time from anywhere – so you can load the machine before you leave the house and start at any time, so your clothes will be fresh and clean when you walk in the door.

Run Diagnostics
We’re not quite to the stage where technology never fails. Sometimes, wires get crossed, displays short out or indicator lights stop glowing. Now, your smart washer or dryer can tell you exactly what’s wrong – AND it can access patches and fixes automatically, meaning you’ll make fewer calls to the repair guy.

You start the dryer and immediately walk away. When the cycle is complete, you could be somewhere else entirely, leaving your freshly dried clothes to sit in the drum. Smart laundry appliances send notifications to your phone, so you’ll never forget a load again.

Monitor Energy Usage
With advanced technology comes advanced reporting capabilities – which means you can keep a closer eye on your energy usage and use the data to help you conserve energy and decrease utility bills.

Whether or not you’re looking for wifi-enabled laundry appliances for your next multi-family property renovation, high-efficiency washers and ventless dryers are worthy investments that increase property value, strengthen NOI and keep residents happy for years to come.

If you’re thinking about adding in-unit laundry, consider the benefits of ventless dryers. No venting, unlimited possibilities.

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