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Ventless dryer technology has been around for years. In fact, compact ventless units have been used in Europe and Asia for over 50 years and are becoming more popular in the United States.

Whirlpool’s HybridCare™ technology makes heat pump drying available in full size units. This is the perfect solution for multi-family housing property owners who are looking to increase property value by adding in-unit laundry. Residents can take advantage of larger load sizes while still cutting their utility bills by 25% to 50% – and heat pump technology dries efficiently at record low temperatures, so even the most delicate items can be dried in the machine.

The Future of Ventless: Heat Pump Technology

Heat pump dryers are the newest advancement in the laundry appliance industry. The machines leverage ventless technology to dry laundry gently and efficiently. By using a refrigerant system that can heat and cool air, heat pump dryers are the most energy efficient dryers on the market. The machines require no vent or ductwork and exhaust warm air back into the room during the process which does cause some humidity.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Warm, damp air leaves the drum
  2. The refrigerant system cools the air, creating water vapor
  3. Water vapor is captured and pumped down the drain or into a holding tank
  4. The cool, dry air is recirculated back into the drum
  5. The process repeats until the laundry is dry


  • Energy efficiency cuts costs by 50% each year (compared to traditional vented dryers)
  • Lower drying temperatures are gentle on clothing and are suitable for delicate garments
  • $400-$1,200 savings on installation because no venting is required
  • Available in full (27”) and compact (24”) sizes
  • Multiple cycles available for a wide variety of load types

Other Common Ventless Drying Technologies

For many years, ventless dryers have leveraged condensation drying technology. Without a sophisticated refrigerant system like heat pump dryers, ventless dryers used one of two systems: Cold Water Condensation Drying or Air-to-Air Condensation Drying.

Cold Water Condensation Drying

Many ventless dryers use cold water condensation drying technology to draw moisture from warm air used to dry laundry. The excess water is pumped down a drain, and air is then reheated and sent back to the drum. These units can fit almost anywhere, decrease water and energy costs and are easy to use.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Warm, damp air leaves the drum
  2. Saturated air enters the condensing chamber
  3. Cold water mist cools the air
  4. Reheated air is sent back into the drum
  5. The process repeats until the laundry is dry


  • Energy-efficient
  • $400-$1,200 savings on installation because no venting is required
  • Compact models can be installed in closets or under countertops
  • 100% self-contained, no need for makeup air
  • Stackable, side by side and combo units available

Air-to-Air Condensation Drying

Air-to-air condensation drying technology uses dual air circulation systems – one system heats air before sending it through the laundry, after the air becomes saturated with water, it leaves the drum and enters the condenser. The air is cooled by the second system, which pulls in room temperature air.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Air is heated and circulated through the laundry
  2. Warm, damp air leaves the drum
  3. Room temperature air contrasts with the warm, damp air
  4. Moisture is condensed and pumped out of the machine
  5. Cooled air cycles back through the laundry, restarting the cycle


  • Energy-efficient
  • Lower temperatures are gentle on laundry
  • $400-$1,200 savings on installation because no venting is required
  • Can be installed in small spaces, but needs room for make-up air
  • Small impact on room air, raises temperature around the machine slightly

Made for Multi-Family Units

Ventless technology presents the perfect laundry solution for the multi-family housing industry. Residents crave in-unit laundry, and are willing to pay more for apartments with access to the amenities they desire.

Around the world, residents have long enjoyed the benefits of in-unit ventless laundry, and the newest heat pump technology offers the same great benefits in full-sized units.

Installing ventless dryers is easy because there is no need to retrofit the space. No venting or ductwork is required. Simply install the machine in any space available. Compact models can fit under countertops, while full-size models can be installed in spaces like closets, kitchens or bathrooms.

Encourage lease renewals and make your resident’s lives easier with in-unit ventless laundry. 

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