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Trusted Appliance Distributor vs. Large Retailers

Over the past decade, the retail industry has been shifting. Large retailers like Sears are closing the doors of brick and mortar locations, leaving retail ghost towns in their place.

Sears used to be the place for everything. Home appliances, tools, clothes, housewares and so much more, but year after year, fewer consumers make the journey into the store. Instead, they turn to more convenient solutions – we have access to more goods than we know what to do with from our phones, after all.

But it’s not just online sales that are disrupting the retail market. Consumers themselves are changing. The Baby Boomer generation fully supported large retailers because it was easy to find and purchase what you need in one place. They looked for generic, mass-produced goods sold at a low price.

Today, Millennials and Gen Z consumers make up the bulk of buyers, and neither generation behaves the way their parents or grandparents expect. These consumers prefer to shop local when they can, valuing brand authenticity and environmentally-friendly products – even if that comes at a higher price.

The bottom line is that retailers like Sears have failed to meet changing consumer needs, and the results have been drastic.

The Top 10 Reasons to Use a Trusted Appliance Distributor

  1. Relationships

    In our business, relationships matter. FJS Distributors is a wholesale appliance distributor serving clients in the multi-family housing industry across the country. We take care of each and every client, making sure we surpass their expectations and make each transaction seamless. If you call us, we’ll pick up the phone. If you have questions, we’re there with answers. If you have a tricky install, we’ll be there to assist. We value the relationships we’ve built with our customers, and we look forward to serving them as they expand, renovate and purchase new properties.

  2. Expertise

    Large retailers are great because they have a little bit of everything. That’s also their downfall. It is nearly impossible to develop detailed knowledge of so many product lines. “I can look that up for you” is not the same as having the answers at your fingertips. We’ve specialized in laundry and kitchen appliances for nearly 20 years, and we know our products through and through. If you have a question about ventless dryers, we have the answers. If you’re not sure which appliances will best fit your renovated kitchens, we’re there to provide advice on several reliable options. We want to help you find the best solution when it comes to appliances.

  3. Variety

    We stand behind our products and are proud to carry such a wide variety. We maintain a large inventory of laundry and kitchen appliances from the brands our customers trust. We sell LG, Frigidaire, Bosch, Whirlpool and Electrolux because they’re the best, and our customers deserve the best.

  4. Customer Service

    Maintaining our high level of customer service is one of our top priorities. For us, it’s about building relationships (see #1 above) and becoming a trusted appliance advisor. Our customers are busy professionals, so we are accustomed to communicating however best suits their needs, be it a quick email, an in-depth phone call or an on-site consultation.

  5. Industry Knowledge

    We are incredibly proud to serve the multi-family housing industry with high-quality appliances. We know that upgraded appliances increase property value and rental rates while keeping properties a step ahead of the competition. Whether you’re in the market to upgrade to stainless steel kitchen appliances or are interested in retrofitting a property for in-unit laundry, we have the expertise and the products you need for success.

  6. Simplicity

    As a trusted appliance distributor, our goal is to make your appliance-buying decisions easier. We’re not here to simply make a sale. We’re here to help you make your property attractive, competitive and valuable. If you’ve done your research and tell us you need a specific product, we’ll deliver. If you want to compare two or three models, we’ll get you the specs. We’ll do what it takes to keep your decision-making process simple.

  7. Eco-Conscious

    Today’s consumers are interested in high-efficiency appliances because they use less energy while saving money. Many of our products carry Energy Star® ratings and are proven to use less electricity and water. Outfitting an apartment with high-efficiency appliances cuts utility costs and keeps renters happy.

  8. Bulk Pricing

    One of the greatest benefits of working with an appliance distributor is our ability to offer bulk pricing. This is especially important in the multi-family industry, where property owners are often looking to purchase appliances for an entire property at one time. We’re happy to work with our customers to find the best appliance solution for their property at competitive prices.

  9. Consumer-Focused

    Our goal isn’t to close a quick deal and turn a profit. Our goal is to make sure your property reaches its full potential by providing the amenities renters crave. With high-quality in-unit laundry and stainless steel kitchen appliances, you’ll increase renter satisfaction while improving your net operating income (NOI).

  10. Trust

    FJS Distributors has been a reliable wholesale appliance distributor for nearly 20 years. We’re here to share our expertise and help take the confusion out of making appliance decisions for your home, apartment or property. We’ve become trusted experts in stainless steel kitchen sets and ventless laundry solutions because we’ve helped our customers achieve outstanding results.

Part of our commitment to customer service includes educating our customers on the appliances they purchase. Our Ventless Dryer Guide answers common questions about ventless dryers, demonstrating that they are excellent solutions for most multi-family properties.

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