How to Ditch Your Laundry Room Once and For All

Laundry is a necessity, but shared laundry spaces don’t do anyone any favors. Every year, in-unit laundry tops the lists of the amenities renters want most. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, renters value the privacy, safety and convenience of in-unit laundry more than ever.

High-efficiency ventless appliances make in-unit laundry possible for any property.

5 Good Reasons to Upgrade to In-Unit Ventless Laundry

  1. Limit interactions between tenants
  2. Promote health and safety 
  3. Increase property value
  4. Increase rental income
  5. Increase tenant satisfaction and renewed rental agreements

Make this the year you explore in-unit ventless laundry. Download our Guide to Ditching Shared Laundry to evaluate in-unit laundry for your property.

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